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The power pack with 1,200 hp 6TD-2 engine and reversive side gearboxes ensures tank movement in any climatic conditions, including ambient air temperature of up to +55°C and extreme dusty conditions, without any degradation in mobility characteristics. The power pack is compact, reliable, easy in maintenance and operation.

Technical characteristics:

Power pack
Volume 3.2 m³
Model 6TD-2
Type  2-stroke 6-cylinder liquid-cooled multi-fuel diesel engine with horizontal placement of cylinders and opposed pistons 
Maximum power output 882 kW (1,200 hp)
Specific fuel consumption at maximum power output 218 g/kW-h (160 g/hp-h)
Weight 1,180 kg

Overall dimensions

Length 1,602 mm
Width 955 mm
Height 581 mm
Power transmission
Type mechanical transmission with 2 side planetary gearboxes and hydraulic control, with 7 forward gears and one reverse gear.
Final drives Reversive side final drives, which are placed coaxially with gearboxes, ensure additional 4 reverse gears

Tank Power Pack with 6TD-2 Engine

Tank Power Pack with 6TD-2 Engine

Tank Power Pack with 6TD-2 Engine

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